Give Up and Cozy In

I LOVE New Years Resolutions.

No sarcasm, no exaggeration, I just honest to goodness love them. At least I love making them…. Keeping them is a different monster!

But, 2017 seems like just as good of a year to follow through than any other! Am I right?

My obsession with resolutions runs deep. In December, my day-to-day thoughts are choked out with visions of how I can improve myself next year. How can I be better? Where do I want to spend my time? What do I want to accomplish in a year that will make me proud?

Answering these questions would take all year truthfully. The lists are extensive. The crevices of my life that I want to tweak are many and the hobbies I want to take up are numerous.

I want to be healthier: spiritually, physically, mentally. I want to be organized. Really have my life together. I want to be the girl everyone looks at and says, “Wow! What can’t she do?”

Can anyone relate? I mean, really. Are my perfectionist sistas out there?!

However, as I write those goals they seem all wrong. So boring. So lonely.

So I’ve decided, instead of holding onto everything for dear life in 2017, I’m going to make my bravest, riskiest resolution yet. I’m going to unclench the striving and control from my fists. I’m letting go of the fear of being too vulnerable and full of imperfections. I want to embrace my humanity.

This year, I want to be open with people. I want to cry when their stories touch me, rather than blinking tears back, fearful of their opinions of me. I want to admit my struggles and heartaches. I want to invite people in to meet a person, not a Pinterest board.

Have you ever sat on one of those beautiful leather couches? You know the ones! They’re gorgeous. So much so, that you sit down and don’t exactly want to get your dirty feet on the cushions or wrinkle the perfectly placed throw blanket? You sit up straight and sip your coffee fearing tipping the mug and spilling all over that beautiful couch?

I don’t want to be that leather couch in 2017.

I want to be one of those huge, welcoming suede couches with the wear and tear that can only come from thousands of people plopping down and making themselves at home. I want people to cozy in, to tell me what’s making them happy and what’s making them hurt. I want to tell them they aren’t alone. Most of all, I want them to leave me believing it.

In 2017, I’m not giving up on resolutions. Instead, I am giving up on fear and perfection. I am embracing my humanity and vulnerability.

I would LOVE to hear your New Year’s Resolutions or simply just to talk! So please, cozy in.

– Steph

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