Fishing and Freedom


Since stepping onto the working scene four months ago, I’ve realized what all the hype is about when dealing with three day weekends. Absolute heaven on earth. Who designed the workweek anyway? I believe it should be four days on, three days off, for everyone, everywhere. End of story.

Instead of moping about reality though, I’ve made the decision to use each 3 day weekend as a mini-vacation. For Independence Day, one of my besties organized a camping trip and thirteen of us gathered around a campfire for the long weekend. I’m still amazed at the size of the group, it’s often impossible to coordinate a time where two friends can make it to dinner let alone thirteen for an entire weekend….

Lake McConaughy is the biggest lake in the Nebraska and an effortless 3.5 hour drive from Denver. Joey and I packed our bags Thursday night and our bosses let us abandon our desks Friday around 3pm (such a blessing!). After tossing everything in his truck, we cruised to the lake to find an oasis waiting for us to pitch our tent.

Camping is my love language. Well, actually quality time, but you can see the connection… I adore the idea of no phones, enjoying the outdoors, s’mores and hotdogs, and being present with whoever you get to escape with; no distractions! The truth is, even if a camping spot has service, I turn my phone on airplane mode and ignore responsibility (luckily no one asks questions because DUH camping!).

This three day weekend was an American cliche. Fireworks, hotdogs, fishing, laughable memories (including a poison oak encounter that has me still scratching my foot as I type) and loads of freedom. These friends of mine are such a joy.

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