Galveston and Generosity


I met my favorite human/boyfriend in college. We just graduated from a small Christian university in Denver, Colorado. Joey is from Texas and I’m from Arizona (obviously) so college for us meant long-distance family relationships. Since graduation, we both accepted jobs in Denver and still rarely see our families.

And this is such a shame! One of the traits that attracted me to Joey in the first place was how highly he spoke of his family. Any story he tells about his siblings and parents oozes with adoration. The problem is, living in a different state, we don’t see them much and I have only had the opportunity to meet them a handful of times. So, when his family offered to fly us to Galveston, Texas for a beach filled weekend we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a few reasons!

After work on Friday, we rushed to the airport and hopped on a plane. We landed in Houston after dark and drove for 45 min in a gorgeous heat lightning storm that streaked the sky with vein-like electricity. The rest of the weekend was filled with lounging, eating, swimming, kayaking, fishing, off-roading and tons of laughing. I really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend exploring a new place and getting to know the people who shaped my person a little better.

There was a little family staying in the beach house next to ours. A young married couple had their two little girls at the beach for their first family vacation. I watched as Joey’s mom spent some time getting to know the family and giving them whatever she could to make their trip more relaxing and memorable. How easy would it have been to just keep to herself and spend time with the people she came with? And who could blame her for doing that? I am convinced, though, that she made a lasting impact on this family. Joey has definitely inherited this awesome attention to others and their needs that I witnessed on Memorial Day weekend. His selflessness blows me away constantly and seeing where he got it from made my weekend.

Not only did I get a weekend getaway with some awesome people, but I got to see how simple acts of generosity light people up; both the giver and the getter.

Here’s a peek into the weekend!


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