The Saguaro Blossoms



I have a sweet friend. She’s the Martha Stewart of my world and so, naturally, when I decided to be bold and start a blog I went directly to her for a name. Within minutes she had a list (she knows what I like better than I know what I like).

“Saguaro cactus blossoms are Arizona’s state flower,” my flower obsessed friend mentioned.

Her following text simply read, “Saguaro Blossoms,” and I was sold.

I’m an Arizona girl. I’ve been surrounded by the largest cactus in North America for the majority of my life but it took moving to Colorado and living in the mountains to realize how amazing the saguaro is. This desert giant takes years to begin to reach to toward the sky but once it does it is magnificent.

The mountains, though, they have my heart. That’s why The Saguaro Blossoms is so beautiful. A reminder to always hang onto my roots but most importantly to blossom where the Lord sends me.

I hope to inspire, to reminisce, to explore and mostly to capture this sweet life of mine right here in my little corner of the internet.



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